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I was born and raised in rural France mostly on my grandparents’ farm.  Of course the farm had many barn animals including sheep.  As a very young child it was my job to pick the small wool tufts left by the sheep on the barbed wire fences. My great-grandmother Berthe would card the wool, spin it on a long spinning distaff, and then knit socks from the yarn.  This was my first connection to fiber.

For my 5th birthday, my father made me a set of knitting needles from willow branches. My grandmother Felicia provided the yarn and gave me my first knitting lesson.  My love of fiber was well on its way and continues to this day.

When I was 11, I was told that I could have all the clothes I wanted but I had to sew them!  The miracle was that my next door neighbor was a seamstress!  I would help her with odd things around her house and she taught me the fine points of sewing.  A few years later Mademoiselle Marie introduced me to stitchery.  As we worked, she told me stories of her younger years.  Those were magical days.

While living in the Midwest, a friend introduced me to weaving: I had a new passion! Over time, I learned how to spin. For a long time, my focus was on spinning dog fur.  From this yarn I would knit or weave one of a kind garment.

During a 15-month stay in Japan, in the late 80’s, I was introduced to Kumihimo and enrolled in many classes at the Kyoto Adachi School of Kumihimo.  Soon afterward, I took some beading classes to incorporate into my braided jewelry.  My quest for new techniques and ideas related to my many fiber interests continues as I participate in workshops with other fiber artists.

Weaving, dyeing and Kumihimo give me great enjoyment and fulfill a deep need for color, structure, and meditation. I create new designs by using software developed uniquely for weavers and braiders.

I have participated -and continue to do so- in numerous juried exhibits and received many awards. I am a member of many cyberspace fiber groups as well as weaving and braiding guilds, including the Handweavers’ Guild of America, Complex Weavers and the English Braid Society.

My Colorado studio is shared with a beautiful Maine Coon: 
Prince Onslo du Chaton.



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